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We are working until every young person has their chance to flourish in the world of work!

Our work, focused where it is needed the most, helps talented individuals to identify and nurture their capabilities, by providing information and inspiration about the possibilities for their education and careers, all free at the point of use, and directly helping schools with OFSTED and Gatsby interaction with employer targets.

By connecting young people and business through our national network of partner companies and industry volunteers, we deliver programmes that are transforming the lives of young people and the opportunities for business.

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Hear from those already making it in the world of work and prepare for your future after school or college. Watch and hear accurate and up-to-date information from businesses at the cutting edge of their industries, providing life-changing career discovery moments.

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We add significant value to the curriculum by connecting young people directly with business through our national network of partner companies and volunteers, delivering programmes online and face-to-face within school and industry settings, transforming the lives of young people.

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Realising untapped potential in the UK is critical for improving economic productivity. The benefits of our work to individuals and our society are many – increased confidence, improved mental wellbeing, enhanced social mobility, and greater workforce diversity and inclusivity. Help drive that change by patterning with us.

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Everyone’s journey can be inspiring. Share yours and help create vital lightbulb moments for young people. We encourage our volunteers to share their personal stories, giving crucial inspiration to help the young people we work with see that ‘if they can do it, I can do it too’. Helping them to realise their talent at critical moments.

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