Change the story

Our young people are facing a crisis – in education, employment and acquiring the skills they need to build a better future.

Working Options in Education is an employability and life skills charity that has been helping young people to aim high and fulfil their potential since 2010.

The challenge right now, is to build back a better economy, with opportunity for all our young people.

To respond, we’ve launched our ambitious new Career Pathways Programme

The Career Pathways Programme

Delivered free in state schools, colleges and online, it helps students (aged 14-19) to identify and pursue career options. Through practical help and advice, they build their skills, and become confident to face their future with choices.

Working Options Career Pathways Programme is designed to benefit all young people, and it’s even more vital for those from disadvantaged areas.

Together, we can change the story for young people and build a better future. We can help all young people have the opportunity to get a job or build a career. But we can’t do this without you.

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Our impact

“Coming from a working-class town and family, I didn’t know how to realise my ambitions and bring my ambition to life in practical terms. Working Options gave me the knowledge and understanding that you just don’t get from college or school or education alone.”