NatWest Group collaboration

19 April 2021

Working Options News

As part of a new collaboration with NatWest Group we will be promoting its Financial Foundations Workshops to all our partner schools and colleges for students to access. These workshops are for anyone who would like to improve their understanding of basic financial concepts and products.

We’ll also be encouraging our partner schools and colleges to sign up for Nat West’s Dream Bigger course which is focused on developing transferrable entrepreneurial skills in 16-18-year-old females. The course aims to drive confidence in preparation for the future world of work and impact the percentage of women who intend to start a business. It includes three one-hour sessions delivered via Zoom and covers Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Defining Entrepreneurial Purpose.

If you’re one of our partner schools or colleges and want more details of either of these courses get in touch.

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