New film to support fundraising

10 March 2021

Working Options Fundraising

Thanks to amazing pro-bono support from award-winning production company Media Zoo and featuring skilled sixth-formers from St Francis Xavier college, we’re excited to be able to share our new fundraising film – We Did Everything.

The film is central to our Change the story fundraising campaign, which will fund our recently launched Career Pathways Programme.

We are extremely grateful to six Performing Arts students at St Francis Xavier (one of our partner colleges) for featuring in the film which was recorded (Covid-safe) in London during lockdown 3.

Student Alpha who opens the film said, “At first I was reluctant as to whether I wanted to join the project, because it was not something I had done before, but the next day I decided to overcome my fear and take the opportunity while I could, so I sent a self-tape (audition) to the casting director.”

The students relished having the opportunity to work with a professional film crew on location.“When I arrived on film day, I got a chance to introduce myself to all the crew members on set and got a better understand of their roles while filming”, said Alpha.

Natalia found the whole process an eye-opener.

“We moved around the set location to film in different sceneries and from different angles. It was all so eye-opening and allowed me to see what it really feels like to be in a short movie. I learned that it really isn’t as easy as it seems to talk in front of a camera – it requires confidence and determination – taking part helped me improve both of those!”

Grace Dewey, Head of Performing Arts said:

“The experience of working with a professional filming company and acting for screen will be invaluable for these students as they explore their options moving forward into a potential career in the creative industries. We can’t thank Working Options enough and look forward to working with, and supporting them, in the future.”

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