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13 May 2020

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We’ve run over 300 of our popular Insights from Industry sessions and employability workshops live in schools and colleges, but this month, we launched them virtually as part of ‘home learning’ for schools and colleges during Covid-19 and beyond.

We’ll be running more of our sessions virtually over the coming months to help us reach and engage many more young people around the UK, to prepare for their future after school and college.

Students have found the virtual sessions easy to join, user friendly and felt comfortable asking questions of the volunteer speakers and workshop leaders online.  All participants said they would recommend joining one of our virtual sessions to a friend.

“I thought the session ran very smoothly and the speakers were very enthusiastic. It was incredibly easy to join and I would definitely recommend the session to friends who are looking for guidance or insight into these types of industry. The biggest highlight was learning about how the guest speakers persevered even when things got tough or didn’t go their way. Ultimately, I learnt that failure is a part of life, but it’s about how you overcome the hurdle which will determine how successful you are. Perseverance and hard work will take you places and networking is also essential.’’

“It helped me understand what employees are looking for and why work experience is so important when looking for an apprenticeship etc.  I would recommend this session to friends. ”

” The speakers seemed very welcoming and eager to help us… ”

“I feel more confident and ready for life after college than I did before.”

“I thought the session was beneficial, it was easy to join I just clicked the link you had sent and joined straight into it. It was easy to ask questions through the Q and A button. The session helped me think about what I am doing after college  and gave me ideas about how to boost my experience for what I want to do.”

>> If you are an educator and want to book a virtual Insight from Industry session or employability workshop for your students email enquiries@workingoptions.org.uk





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