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2 April 2020

Working Options News

We now work with over 150 schools and colleges around the country, with a specific focus on educational institutions in areas of high deprivation. Here’s some lovely feedback received from some of the tutors about the impact of our Insights from Industry and employability workshops on their students.

Tracey Griffin, Assistant Principal, Bournemouth & Poole college:

”I just wanted to say a huge thank you for last week’s event with our Business & Finance students. The Working Options event was FANTASTIC. The best thing that has happened to Business & Finance this year.”

Sean Baney, Work-placement & Employer Engagement Manager, East Norfolk SFC:

”The talk yesterday was fantastic both Richard and Malcolm were very insightful and knowledgeable and I think a lot of our students really took away some positive messages from their engagement! Thank you for your help in being able to make this happen, it was great for the students to be able to engage in such a way.”

Chris Jennings, Head of Business Department, Cardinal Newman College, Preston:

”As always the communication from Working Options was fantastic. I work with a number of employers or academic providers but hands down, honestly, Working Options make my life easiest! The sessions are perfect for our students, especially our Year 13 BTEC students as it fits perfectly with their units in September. They love that the speakers we get are all local; I think it removes the barriers/ belief that to be successful you need to live/ be from ‘down South’. The employer encounter and enrichment opportunities help tick off a lot of the benchmarks (to be honest, our Head of Careers is a better person to ask, but I know she loves the sessions as she always says “this is brilliant for Gatsby”!) An amazing organisation!”

Clare Shaw, Careers and Employability Manager, Wilberforce SFC, Hull:

”A very inspiring, informative and down to earth session on how to be successful in the world of work for our Business and IT students. Listening to speakers, both experienced managers and recent graduates from top companies in the food and drink industry share their personal career journeys and top tips for career success was really helpful.”

Nick Burnham, Principal, Cardinal Newman College, Preston:

”Many thanks for the fantastic opportunities you are providing our students. The quality of your input must be really high as the feedback is excellent. Thanks again for your support.”

Altaf Hussain, Principal, Luton SFC:

”We really appreciate the support from Working Options, it’s making an impact – well done.”






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