Safeguarding policy


Date approved: March 2021

Body: Sufian Sadiq – Designated Trustee for Safeguarding

Review date: March 2022

Working Options in Education is committed to protecting staff, volunteers and the Charity’s  beneficiaries from harm, and this policy outlines the policies and processes in place to do so.  Specifically, it raises awareness of staff and volunteers of the need to safeguard children and vulnerable adults when undertaking work on behalf of the Charity. It highlights the responsibility that staff have for identifying and reporting any possible cases of abuse,  neglect or other safeguarding concerns and helps ensure they are aware of how to deal with such situations.

All members of the Working Options in Education staff fully acknowledge their responsibilities with regards to the safeguarding of children and young people and they recognise that through their contact with them they are well placed to identify signs of risk and harm. Safeguarding is defined as:

Staff should read and adhere to this Policy and other relevant safeguarding documentation  (including an individual school or college’s Safeguarding Policy).


1.1. Working Options in Education (“the Charity”) fully recognises its responsibilities in the area of safeguarding.

1.2. This policy applies to all those working for the Charity including but not limited to trustees, interns and freelance staff (“staff”). Other volunteers (“volunteers”) who assist the  Charity with its work should be given a summarised copy of this policy and the Code of  Conduct found in Appendix A.

1.3. This policy forms part of a suite of HR documents and policies which relate to the Charity’s safeguarding responsibilities. Staff should refer to additional policies as appropriate when undertaking specific projects.

1.4. In this policy “child” means a person under the age of eighteen, a student aged 18 or over who is still in education and/or a person who has left full-time education in the previous twelve months and “children” is to be construed accordingly.

1.5. This policy also extends to Vulnerable Adults. A vulnerable adult (a person aged 18 or over) is someone who is or may be in need of community care services by reason of disability, age or illness; and is or may be unable to take care of or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation.

1.6. We recognise some children and adults are additionally vulnerable, for example those with disabilities, because of their level of dependency and possible communication barriers.

1.7. The welfare and safety of any child or vulnerable adult involved with the Charity is paramount.

1.8. All children and vulnerable adults without exception have the right to protection from abuse regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, disability, sexuality or beliefs.

1.9. This policy is approved and endorsed by the Working Options in Education Board of  Trustees.

1.10 The Charity will appoint a named Safeguarding Officer. The person is currently Lauren Monk, Head of Operations. The Chief Executive Officer will take on this role if Head of  Operations is unavailable.

Contact details for Working Options in Education Safeguarding Officer  Name: Lauren Monk


Mobile telephone: 07944443073

Office telephone: N/A

Contact details for Working Options in Education Designated Trustee for  Safeguarding and Child Protection

Name: Sufian Sadiq


Mobile telephone: 07956444594

Office telephone: N/A

The Role of Trustees

The Trustees will:

The Role of the Designated Trustee for Child Protection

The Designated Trustee for Child Protection will:

The Role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead

The Designated Safeguarding Lead will:

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