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7 January 2020

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Whether you’re preparing to leave home, move to University, or just want to become more independent and money savvy, it’s worth learning the skills you need to eat well on a budget.

We all know that it’s important to eat foods which allow your body and mind to function at their best, whether you are working or studying. Healthy food is not necessarily more expensive. There are many ways to eat healthy even on a very tight budget. These include planning your meals, cooking at home, and making smart choices when you’re shopping.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that junk and convenience food can be more expensive! Here are some websites that might be useful.

NHS Live Well – Eat Well

Useful information on eating well and includes 20 tips for eating well for less:

Also includes sections on nutrition and food groups, food facts, how to get your 5 a day, food safety and sections for vegetarians and vegans. They even provide some simple recipes you could try.

British Heart Foundation – a heart-healthy diet

A heart-healthy diet means getting a good balance of all the food groups, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and watching the salt and fat. If you’re watching what you spend, some simple swaps and smart shopping can mean a heart-healthy diet is still within reach. The British Heart Foundation’s website has some great advice on healthy eating on a budget. Here are some top tips for finding foods that are healthy, tasty and won’t break the bank!

Change for Life – balanced diets on a budget

Change for Life provides tips on how to eat a balanced diet on a budget, as well as providing weekly healthy recipes.

MySupermarket – price comparison

This site includes the top offers from 14 supermarkets and a healthy food price checker, where you can compare the price of your online shop.

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