Life after lockdown – be prepared

3 January 2021

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Entering the next stage of education or leaving education to move into the world of work is a challenge. Make sure you fulfil your potential and put yourself in the best possible position, by working through this checklist of skills and activities. Take control of your next steps and own your future with Working Options pathway to positivity.

Top tips for your survival plan

Develop your skills and confidence. Get yourself in the best possible position on the route to success and a positive future by working through the following steps. Download Life after lockdown

Consider different routes of study and work

You don’t need to go to university to be successful

Applying for apprenticeships

How to find work experience and internships

UCAS guide to sponsored degrees

Research career options – link GCSEs to your future

Career paths

Write a CV and job application

How to write a job application

How to write a great CV

Write a personal statement for UCAS

How to write an effective personal statement

Prep for interviews

Hear from the experts on how to prepare for an interview

Research volunteering

Guide to volunteering

How to find voluntary work

Research part-time jobs

 Tips on finding a part-time job

Research student finance

Find out how to budget effectively

Write a LinkedIn profile

How do I create a good LinkedIn profile?

Managing your LinkedIn account

Keep up or develop new skills

The Open University

The future of skills

What are the key skills you need?

Embrace the opportunity to have time to look after your physical and mental well-being. Check out these top tips from Gulmira Mamedova about the power of positivity and listen to how celebrities look after themselves.

Visit our Student Zone mental well-being section to hear journalist Piers Morgan, retired athlete Dame Kelly Holmes and Paralympian Hannah Cockcroft MBE, talk about self-esteem and building resilience.

Need advice and guidance on how to structure your day so you can stay focused and get things done? Check out this advice on how to best manage your time

We all know people we think are super confident. That person who walks into a room head held high, engages others easily in conversation, has the self- belief that they will get the college course or job they want. Be that confident person.

How to build your confidence

LinkedIn is a free platform to develop your professional online presence, get noticed and be positioned to find out about opportunities and be found by recruiters. Get some advice on how to create a good and effective LinkedIn profile.

Getting started on LinkedIn

Which skills are your natural strengths? Which ones do you find harder, but would like to conquer?

Find out about careers that might be right for you by taking a skills assessment

Try an online tool to help you identify your strengths

Given the current situation, it may be harder to be successful but Working Options is here to help.

Check out our Student Zone for video clips and posts to help you get where you want to be.

Read about how some people are coping with the changes lockdown has brought to our everyday lives.


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