Veganism: Insta fad or sustainable Trend?

4 May 2020

Healthy Eating

There is much debate out there about whether veganism is a fad or a long-term trend.

Whether you decide to eat meat and animal products is down to you – however, it is important to be aware of the environmental benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Some facts for you:

– 58% of total food emissions come from animal products

– Eating an apple a week for a year = 11km in a petrol car

– Conversely, one weekly serving of beef = 2,482km in the same car

– Food = 26% of global greenhouse emissions

– Vegan lifestyles can cut individual food impact by 2/3

“What we eat is one of the most powerful drivers behind most of the world’s major environmental issues, whether it’s climate change or biodiversity loss.” – Oxford researcher Joseph Poore.

Many UK supermarkets and food brands are catering to the rise in vegan food demand including Tesco with their ‘Veganuary’ initiative and Sainsbury’s with their continually growing vegan food selection.

Conclusively, it seems that veganism is in fact a sustainable trend (possibly as well as an Insta-fad). Of course, many people choose to continue to eat animal products in their diet. However, it seems to be a good idea to reduce the amount of animal products you consume, in order to reduce your impact on the environment. Try cutting back the number of days you include meat in your diet. Experiment with your food. Try out recipes with vegetarian / vegan options of your favourite meals!

CREDIT: Nupur Saxena, Customer Marketing and Commercial Strategy Director, Split Second Ltd.

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