Volunteer spotlight – Adesola Orimalade

21 October 2019

Volunteer interviews

Adesola Orimalade has had a career in treasury and finance since he moved to the UK as an economic migrant in 2006 – most recently as Head of Treasury at Hogg Robinson Group PLC and previously at John Lewis.

Adesola volunteers as a speaker at our Insights from Industry sessions in schools and colleges and recently spoke to travel, tourism and business students at  the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London.

“I had a great time on stage yesterday as a motivational speaker at an event organised by Working Options in Education. It was an opportunity to share my career journey with students. The energy in the room was very positive and infectious. Really enjoyed meeting the students and staff! It’s always great to be able to give something back and inspire our leaders of tomorrow.”

Here Adesola tells us more about why he volunteers for us and why he’d recommend it to others.


Why do you volunteer for us?

I first learned about Working Options in Education while I was with John Lewis in 2017 but I didn’t get in touch until a year later.  I came to the United Kingdom as an economic migrant in 2006 and at the end of 2018, I had come to the decision that it was time for me to start giving back to this country that has given me the opportunity to grow and progress my career.

Coming on board with Working Options was an easy decision, primarily because as a father of a teenage daughter I agree with the ethos of the organisation. In addition, one area of leadership I enjoy is motivating and developing people, whether they are family members, direct reports, team members, students or entrepreneurs.


Why you think it’s so important for young people to be able to access people from industry?

I believe that there is a place for the theoretical knowledge that you gain from attending classes as a student. The ability to hear the career and life journey of those in industry, however, is invaluable. Industry volunteers are in a unique position to share their knowledge and how they have applied that knowledge in their career and life.


What do you get out of it ?


Why would you recommend volunteering with us to others? 

There are a good number of professionals in the UK with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Some are parents and leaders/managers so they are already involved in training/motivating and developing people at home and in the workplace. Many are looking for opportunities to give back and volunteering with Working Options and helping to develop our young men and women is a perfect platform to do that. If you’re a UK based professional or business owner who’s thinking of making a positive impact and supporting the development of future leaders, I would urge you strongly to contact Working Options. They need more volunteers!

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