National Youth Corps campaign

1 June 2020

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Working Options in Education is helping to lead a campaign for the creation of a National Youth Corps in response to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on young people. Following an open letter to the Government (published in The Observer on 24 May) there are now nearly 20 youth-focused charities and organisations aligned behind the campaign.

The recession and accompanying unemployment created by the COVID crisis is most severely affecting the under 25s. With one million young people leaving schools, colleges and university this summer, research and analysis forecasts more than 600,000 of these will become unemployed. The more disadvantaged will fare worst. The crisis could produce a ‘Generation C’ whose future prospects are blighted.

Sign the petition for a National Youth Corps at

Read the open letter in The Observer which outlines what’s proposed (24/5/20)

Coverage for the campaign

Transforming mass youth unemployment into a Youth Task Force – Tory Reform Group website (8/6/20)

Read coverage for the Youth Corps campaign in The Sunday Telegraph (31/5/20)

Read Working Options in Education’s paper to Government calling for a GenC TaskForce (April 2020)

Listen to our President Nigel Morris interviewed on Dermot Monaghan’s Daily Podcast on 9 July about the £2bn recovery plan to create jobs for young people.

Listen to our President Nigel Morris on Dermot Murnaghan’s Daily Podcast talking about why a Youth Task Force is needed (20/5/20).

Watch Working Options President Nigel Morris on Sky News talking about the impact of Covid-19 on young people and why they must be an integral part in rebuilding the future. (May 2020)

Watch Working Options President Nigel Morris on Sky News talking about the implications Covid-19 will have for young people (April 2020)


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