How to build your career confidence

22 June 2017

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We all know people we think are super confident. That person who walks into a room head held high, engages others easily in conversation, has the self- belief that they will get the college course or job they want. Confidence is a skill, and it’s something most people have to work at; it doesn’t always come naturally.

Gaining career confidence makes it more likely that you’ll know where you want to get to and have the courage to take the steps you need to get you there. Here are some pointers to building your career confidence.

  1. Be self-aware – know what you like, what interests you, note down all the skills you have and the experience you have gained both from your college course but also from the rest of your life. Work out what’s important to you and then you’re likely to make better decisions and choices.
  2. Be yourself having confidence is not about being an extrovert. We are all unique with our own unique strengths so don’t try to be something you are not.
  3. Be courageous – being brave means sometimes doing things which are outside your immediate comfort zone. If you’re applying for jobs you might not find the perfect job to apply for straight away. Think about applying for jobs that tick most of your boxes and you never know where things might lead.
  4. Be open to opportunities – at this early stage of your career journey, there may be opportunities open to you that won’t be later on, so now’s your chance to say ‘yes’ and see where it takes you.
  5. Be prepared when you’ve got as far as being offered a job interview, know your stuff about the role and the company, dress the part, practice beforehand and turn up like someone who wants the job. You’ll feel and appear more confident.


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