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10 August 2020



I’m Richard from COOK and I’m writing this sitting at my desk at home in these strange mid lockdown times. I’d like to talk to you today about making choices in your career paths.

At COOK we make frozen ready meals by hand and we believe in doing business better with a real purpose that transcends profit. I hope this is the future of business but believe me that doesn’t happen everywhere!

If any of you know already what you want to do as a career then you are really very lucky. But if, like the majority, you don’t yet, it really doesn’t matter. As long as you know that, what is important is that you take every opportunity to enhance your learning and development in every stage of your lives.

I didn’t do that, I was grumpy as a young adult, a bit of a rebel, didn’t want to conform and therefore I didn’t maximise my potential and drifted for a fair while with indecision.

It was a lot later in life that I realized that I could still believe in doing things in a better way, influence people and get results but much more effectively than just smugly thinking that I knew best, and that actually, the establishment had a point most of the time! Once I clocked that and found the right environment to do it in then I began to succeed and my confidence grew.

Our career paths can be seen as a journey and sometimes when we talk about “the journey” I think of someone travelling from Exeter to Edinburgh. They know they want to make the trip but they’re not sure how to – do you know what? – that’s fine….

It doesn’t really matter how you get there, or if you stop off in Manchester for a bit on the way or divert to the coast for some surfing as long as the destination is clear

But, what’s really important, especially for those of you who do already know what you want to do, is that the destination can change too and as long as it’s done for the right reasons that’s ok …….

It’s also very important to do stuff that interests you. Of course you’re going to have to do boring stuff but if the core of what you are doing doesn’t interest you, you won’t achieve your best and you will become disillusioned. So if you start your journey and it doesn’t feel like it’s working, as long as it’s not just a bad day (because we all have those), challenge yourself as to why and think about what you can do to fix it.

All of you, at some point, will suffer from “Imposter syndrome”, where you think you aren’t worth the salary or the recognition but guess what? You are and you just need to believe in yourself.

Never stop believing in yourself, do what’s right for you and don’t just let things happen to you, because everything is a choice. Of course you’ll make some poor choices, we all do, but nod at them, acknowledge them and move on to the next one!

Good luck!

Richard Pike

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