The importance of having a vision

4 May 2020


Most peoples’ resolutions tend to dwindle near the end of January. Goals, such as going to the gym or quitting a bad habit, seem to become burdens. However, imagine how good it would feel if you had already achieved your goals…

In life, and in particular, the business world, having a vision is essential. Yet, so often having a vision seems to be so far from reality.  Despite having 20/20 visions on office walls, only 30% employees can recite them. So how do you bring a vision to life?

Start with what success looks like. In the world of work, this may look like satisfied customers. Steve Jobs once said “We came up with strategy and vision for Apple – it started with: ‘What incredible benefits can we give the customer?’ vs. ‘Let’s sit down with the engineers, figure out what awesome technology we have and then figure out how to market that.’”

In an educational setting, you may have certain grades you would like to achieve or you might view success as having revised a certain amount of content by a set time.If you know how much content you may have wanted to cover by the start of an exam period, use this to plan your strategy of how many hours a day you need to work on different topics to get there.

1. Start envisioning the end goal. Then look at the process and strategy to get to where you want to be. This will increase your chances of success and achieving your vision.

2. Act on your goals. Having a vision on its own is not going to turn it into reality. Action will. Create a plan. Track your journey. Celebrate the milestones. Unlock the potential.

3. If you are part of a group, mobilise your team towards the vision. Build momentum to get you there faster. A team is only as strong as its’ weakest member. Imagine if you all had a driven and positive mindset about achieving the end goal.

With this mindset, your vision will become your reality.

CREDIT: Nupur Saxena, Customer Marketing and Commercial Strategy Director, Split Second Ltd.

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