How to use LinkedIn and why it’s a good idea

4 December 2017

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So, you probably know LinkedIn is a social media networking channel. You may even have an account and profile set up because someone said it’s a good idea, but what is LinkedIn and why is it worth getting on there?

LinkedIn is a social networking channel just like Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook but it’s a professional networking channel – the largest of its kind in the world. You might think that you don’t need a LinkedIn account until you’ve left college and you’re working. Wrong.

The lower age limit for a LinkedIn account is 13 so it’s worth getting on there now and here’s why:

If you’ve bought into the idea that networking is key to your future career success (and it most definitely is) then you’ll see the value of using LinkedIn.

Just one last thing. Treat your LinkedIn profile content with as much care as you would your CV. Don’t have a half-finished profile there, check it for spelling and grammar, make sure its factually correct….and then get on with maximising all that LinkedIn can offer.

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