How to write a CV that stands out from the crowd

8 May 2017

Presentation Skills

A great CV helps you stand out from the crowd. Remember that your CV may be one of hundreds received. Think about your CV as a short biography of yourself, a chance to sell yourself and interest the reader in you. Make them want you!

CV basics

Personal statement

 This should be no more than a few lines describing yourself, your skills and key achievements.

For some examples of personal statements check out:

Employment and work experience

Highlight what you have achieved in these areas. Don’t just list what you do in your job. This is a chance to show off what you are good at! Examples could be employee of the month and receiving good customer feedback.

Skills and achievements


Education should be included from GCSE level onwards, with your most recent qualifications first, so A levels or BTEC then GCSEs.

Hobbies and interests

Here you can outline any hobbies you have and show how you like to spend your time outside of studying. Be interesting and different. If you don’t have a particular hobby or interest that you can talk about comfortably it is never too late to start something. Do include hobbies and interests that are relevant to the job. If you’re involved in any clubs or societies, this can show that you enjoy meeting new people. Interests like sports and physical recreation activities can also show employers that you are fit and healthy.


Unless the job application specifically asks for references to be included you can write that references are available on request. People such as close family friends, teachers and career counsellors are good to use as referees.

Personal details

This is where you put your home address, mobile number and email address.

If you need a hand with how to lay out your CV, Download our CV template

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