Volunteer spotlight – Ranu Sharma

3 May 2019

Volunteer interviews

Ranu Sharma who currently works for Mastercard as Senior Finance Business Partner took some time out to talk to us about why she volunteers for the Working Options programme as a speaker and what she gets out of it.

How did you hear about and get involved with Working Options in Education?

Google! I instantly became intrigued after reading the website and decided to give them a call instantly. One thing lead to another and I found myself talking in front of a large number of students a month later.

Why did you want to help Working Options in Education?

I was once a student not that long ago (although it seems like a lifetime)! I was brought up in an unhealthy environment and found focusing on my personal development tough because of it. It changed me in so many ways and I remember longing for that support as I was doing it all alone, but I had no one to reach out to as motivational speaking wasn’t as imminent then. I feel the pain of some of those students today who may be in a similar situation. So I want to use my experience to help them grow in ways they never thought they could. Even if in a room of 100 students I can change 1 life, that’s another life changed. There is nothing more fulfilling than this.

What do you do as a volunteer for Working Options in Education?

I have not only volunteered to provide motivational talks to students across the country but I’m also an Ambassador for the Charity. This means I represent the charity to all the different schools and colleges that I visit by explaining what the charity does, why it is important and how it can help the students with their futures. Volunteers are asked to talk for 10 minutes about their career journey, what they do in their current job and what top tips and advice they have for young people about what employers are looking for. This is followed by Q&A and networking with the students. A session normally has between 2 and 3 volunteers, so it is also a great chance to meet new people and do something worthwhile!

Why do you think it’s important to help inspire our young people?

The level of unemployment is rising, the competition is fierce. The world is not a friendly place and it is ‘dog-eat-dog.’ It has never become more crucial for students to play to their strengths and find that passion to become something big. Becoming something doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of a degree or a diploma. It needs to come from a place of passion and eternal happiness. It needs to be the reason why you wake up in the morning and love what you do. If you don’t love what you do, you will fail. I believe that everyone is born to do something and serve a purpose, but not all of them realise it. It is down to people like myself to help them realise that they are truly special and if they are willing, to have them work with you and watch the magic unfold.

What benefits does volunteering give you?

I have met some incredible people on my journey with Working Options. I met the Executive Chairman of MaxiMuscle and had numerous conversations with him over the phone regarding career advice which helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine. However, the biggest benefit for me is knowing I have left students feeling inspired. I feel that my woes and hardship were meant to be the key to unlocking others’ potential and hunger for success and Working Options has allowed me to fulfil that purpose.

What are the key things you get from volunteering?

Happiness and satisfaction, knowing that students are inspired by me is the most fulfilling thing ever.

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