Thriving through the pandemic: Rob Kelly – The Thrive Programme

16 June 2020

Mental Well-being

Rob Kelly, CEO and Founder of The Thrive Programme talks about how you can thrive in the Covid-19 pandemic and provides some further tips below.

Here are some simple suggestions for how to feel more upbeat, particularly when times are tough, but first, the science….

The Science

Humans, like most animals, are still naturally wired for “fight or flight” and therefore, particularly in our highly connected lives, we face the risk of over exposure to anxiety. Hence the importance of taking action to manage our exposure to anything that makes us feel anxious or down and to balance this by engaging in activities that improve our well being, e.g. talking with people we like, exercise, hobbies, countryside, mindfulness, project completion and including positive thinking itself!

It has been proven from several scientific studies that we only retain thoughts or images in our minds for up to about two weeks. This means that anything we think about or picture in our minds from the past is a conscious decision on our part to make those recalls. Research also shows that there is no link between our personal histories, good or bad, and our state of mental health, good or bad. A very simple prompt to help here is to say to ourselves “if I don’t like what I’m thinking, stop thinking it”.

Helpful suggestions

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